Move Your Belongings With Confidence In and Around Sligo

Planning your move to a new location is both an exciting and stressful decision. Relocating your stuff is probably more concerning and confusing for the amount of goods to be moved. Trying on your own will make you exhausted! But with L and N Services, you know you have the desired professional assistance for moving your belongings. So, let us handle moving your belongings with care and responsibility. We have a lot of industry knowledge. So, we can evaluate how to begin and how to end. Planning is the keyword to our success, and we do it all with attention to detail.

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Multiple Cost Options Differing On the Service Level - The Type of Move Influences The Facility We Shall Provide

Whether a couple of human movers packing and loading on a truck, or a van - the amount of goods decides it all. Moving the larger capacity contents means you will need more movers. The size of the moves affects the price that is adjusted based on these factors:


  • The distance between old and new destinations
  • Accessibility of each location
  • The move timing
  • The additionally requested services
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What Can L and N Services Do For You?

The movers of L and N Services will assist in transferring valuables safely and timely from old to new destinations. With the main duty being transporting the contents to a new location, we are offering the following services to tend to a stress-free move:


Disassembly and Reassembly : This is how we can make the belongings ready to be packed. Even at the other end of the trip, we shall unpack and assemble the items in the destination room.

Packing Services : Since packing is most time-consuming, so we use safe and reliable packing materials to pack the items.

Storage : Maybe, due to unwanted circumstances, there is an unexpected delay and you are yet to receive the new keys. Or else, you might be willing to keep your items safe, while preparing for new space. We have got you covered. Our large, secure facilities are reliable for storing items for a given time period.

Moving Specialty Items and Pianos : In your possession list, you might have fragile items to be given extra protection. We have the needed equipment and tricks to ensure zero damage during the move.


The Fast Moving Service in Sligo

We understand on stronger grounds that time is money. Hence, never try moving your belongings on your own - we are here to assist you in handling it. L and N services are ready to move your goods at the earliest. Being the most reputed mover in Sligo, we shall handle all the moving, regardless of the amount of goods you are having. As we promise, we are as quick as possible.

Be Assured To Receive Complete Moving Services

  • We supply all the packing materials and do the needed packing.
  • Our staff ensure smooth and stress-free moving by planning well for commercial and residential moves. Hence, assurance of no disruption.
  • In our modern secure storage depositories, we are offering long and short-term storage.